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Stakeholder analysis and strengthening engagement to protect the Grenada Dove

Patricia Rosa*, Jody Daniel, and Bonnie L. Rusk

There are fewer than 250 Grenada Doves (Leptotila wellsi) remaining making them one of the most critically endangered doves in the world. Like other rare birds in small island developing states, poor public and stakeholder engagement makes it difficult to ensure consistent protection for this species. Currently, the Grenada Dove is not listed as a protected species and sanctuaries established to protect the two subpopulations are under threat by large-scale developments. Thankfully, Grenada is in the process of drafting a new act which may offer formal protections. However, enforcement of these protections will be difficult without stakeholder and public support. While it is crucial to determine survival rates, habitat use, and population trends, we must first ensure that there is formal framework for stakeholders to support efforts to address these research gaps. This project aims to create a formalized working group to support Grenada Dove conservation, based on a stakeholder analysis focused on strengthening engagement. To prioritize actions, fuzzy cognitive mapping will help quantify expert perceptions on the threats. To ensure on-going support, a public education campaign will focus on special interventions from communities in and around the two subpopulations. By including expert and stakeholder knowledge, and an informed, supportive public, subsequent conservation actions for this species are more likely to be successful. 

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