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FCAL 2022

November 18, 2022

Conference Schedule

Opening Session


Welcome remarks from Patricia Rosa (Marine, Wildlife and Conservation Biology [MWC] Program Director) and Cristofre Martin (Chair of Biology, Ecology and Conservation [BEC]).

Plenary: Dr. Kenneth B. Storey


The Living Dead and the Control of Biological Time: Keynote speaker, Dr. Kenneth B. Storey, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., is a Professor of Biochemistry at Carleton University in Ottawa and holds the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Physiology. He is among the top 2% of highly cited scientists in the world. His plenary focused on stresses, that can trigger "the living dead" – animals that are alive but show no apparent life signs, is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats!



Take a breather and get ready for more amazing talks!

Academic Leader Presentations


Featuring original research from faculty and alumni from the MWC program and others.

  • 10:15AM: Understanding Grenada’s mangroves: Zonation, plasticity, and the potential for restoration (Zoya Buckmire* and Nicola Koper)

  • 10:30AM: Monitoring macroinvertebrates of the Beausejour and Concord rivers, Grenada, West Indies (Lizda J. Sookram*, Ryan Mohammed, and Stephen Nimrod)

  • 10:45AM: Worrisome population indicators for leatherback sea turtles in Grenada (Kate E. Charles* and Clare E. Morrall)

  • 11:00AM: Reviewing the evolutionary landscape of biostatistics (Michael J. Montalbano*)

  • 11:15AM: Geospatial approach to coastal ecological assessment in Woburn Clarks Court Bay Marine Protected Area, Grenada (Jerry J. Enoe*, Leon Radix, Stephen Nimrod, Denzel Adams, and Bheshem Ramlal)

Lunch Break/ECO Brown Bag


Strengthening engagement on the deck of the Marine Station! Join the MWC student organization, ECO, to enjoy the view and brainstorm opportunities to strengthen engagement. 

Concurrent Workshops


Make sure to sign up for one of the concurrent student workshops:

  • Scientific Illustration in the Field (Smart Lab; Farihah Khan & Claudia Cárceles Román)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Marine Station; Leon Radix)

Featured MWC Course


Students enrolled in Ecological Research Methods will be presenting on their on-going work on sargassum.



Get ready for some lightning talks!

Lightning Talks


5-minute lightening talk with a static slide followed by a question period for all session speakers. Targeted towards a general, non-specialized audience. See author instructions and guidelines here

  1. Stakeholder analysis and strengthening engagement to protect the Grenada Dove (Patricia Rosa*, Jody Daniel, and Bonnie L. Rusk)

  2. Transforming data into intelligence for fisheries management (Tabia Paul* and Stephen Nimrod)

  3. National ecosystem assessment and environmental conservation (Dillon Palmer*, Roxanne Graham, Paula Spiniello, and Jody Daniel)

  4. Digging into field work (Clare E. Morrall*)

  5. The early recruitment and biological diversity of sessile invertebrates on an artificial reef in Grenada (Enya K. Noël*, Phil Saye, and C. Cristofre Martin)

  6. Estimated factors affecting apparent survival of the red-legged banana prawns in Joseph Bonaparte Gulf (Saiyana Baksh* and David J. Die)

  7. Does marine aquaculture have a future in Grenada’s blue economy? (Paula Spiniello*)



Brainstorming session coming up next!

Colloquium: Protecting the Grenada Dove in 2022


There are fewer than 250 Grenada Doves remaining making them one of the most critically endangered doves in the world. Like other rare birds in small island developing states, poor public and stakeholder engagement makes it difficult to ensure consistent protection for this species. This colloquium is focused on creating a working group to support Grenada Dove conservation, based on a stakeholder analysis and strengthening engagement.

Closing Session


Announcement of Best Student Presentation Awards. Closing remarks by conference organizers.

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