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Blue Smoke


November 17, 2023

Conference Schedule

Opening Session


Welcome remarks from Patricia Rosa (Marine, Wildlife and Conservation Biology [MWC] Program Director) and Cristofre Martin (Chair of Biology, Ecology and Conservation [BEC]).

Plenary Session


Kiley Best, Fisheries Biologist CFER Marine Institute of Memorial University, B.Sc., ADSA, M.Sc. is a seasoned professional with 16 years of experience in aquaculture and fisheries research, focusing on aquatic invasive species and ocean education. She has played pivotal roles as the founding member and board chair of the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium and co-chair of the Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE). Kiley excels in developing strategic initiatives for ocean literacy and sustainable marine practices, contributing significantly to both the scientific community and public awareness.

Campfire Session


Dr. Jody Daniel, an accomplished community and wetland ecologist, holds a PhD in Ecology and Environmental Biology from the University of Waterloo and leads the Gaea Conservation Network in Grenada as its Executive Director. In her session "Fanning the Flames of Conservation in Grenada," she will address the challenges and dynamics of environmental changes, particularly in how they impact biological communities in Grenada. Her extensive experience, spanning from her PhD research on wetland ecosystems in Canada to her role as a Data Scientist, underpins her deep understanding of the interplay between climate, land use, and biodiversity.



Take a breather and get ready for some fireside chats!

Fireside Chat


Get ready for an engaging session as we put MWC Program Director, Dr. Patricia Rosa, and  Chair of BEC, Dr. C. Cristofre Martin in the hot seat!

Lunch Break


Grab some grub!

Fireside Chat


Seize this final opportunity to see your favorite MWC faculty, Dr. Stephen Nimrod, take the hot seat!

Campfire Session


Not a native to the spirits industry, Jane Nurse is an enterprising human ecologist, with a background in environmental policy and sustainable development. In 2019, she joined the Renegade Rum team working on environmental compliance, marketing and tourism projects in Grenada. Jane has since turned into a full-time nerd to do with all things Renegade Rum. Swiftly drawn deep into every aspect of terroir-driven rum production, Jane enjoys learning about and sharing new-found insights covering everything from cane cultivation to operations to communications and environmental compliance.

Closing Session


Closing remarks from conference organizers.

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