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Tabia Paul

Best Undergraduate Presentation 2022

The Best Undergraduate Presentation Award is a prestigious accolade granted to an undergraduate student who delivers the most compelling and insightful presentation at the FCAL conference. This award celebrates not only the academic rigor and originality of the content but also the presenter's ability to effectively communicate complex ideas, engage the audience, and demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter. It honors an individual who exemplifies exceptional research skills and the potential to make significant contributions to their field.


Transforming data into intelligence for fisheries management

Tabia Paul* and Stephen Nimrod

The Gouyave Fish Market Complex, a primary fish market in Grenada, plays a significant role in fish landings, particularly Yellow Fin Tuna, for export to the US International Market, thereby contributing to Grenada’s GDP. The documentation of these fish landings is crucial for fisheries management and sustainability. However, data analysis at the Gouyave Fish Market Complex has been minimal, with staff recording information in notebooks without electronic documentation. Utilizing data analysis and management skills from the Marine Wildlife program at St. George’s University, I developed an electronic spreadsheet template to enhance data management at the Gouyave Fishery. This approach allows for the analysis of long-term and short-term fishing trends and patterns, aiding in informed management decisions for sustainable fisheries. Data from the GFMC notebooks for February-April 2022 were digitized. The analysis, conducted between May and June 2022, included total capture of Yellow Fin Tuna, total fish catch and number of heads, monthly catch figures, and capture per boat for 2020. Results indicated that in 2020, Yellow Fin Tuna led in total fish weight captured at 47%, followed by Atlantic Sailfish (Ocean Gar) at 25%, and Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) at 9%. However, in terms of the total number of heads of fish landed, Dolphin Fish had the highest count, followed by Atlantic Sailfish and Yellow Fin Tuna. The vessel B.I. recorded the largest total fish capture per boat, whereas MOM had the highest capture of heads per boat in 2020. Monthly data showed the peak catch in May, decreasing towards December. A comparison of the total catch of various fish species and Yellow Fin Tuna displayed a similar pattern, with a notable peak in May. Based on these findings, I recommend enhancing data collection and management at the Gouyave Fishery. The data should be categorized into three groups for more effective analysis: human capital, vessel/fleet, and catch data.

Tabia Paul
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