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Fellows in Caribbean Academic Leadership
FCAL 2023 Conference

November 17, 2023

Marine Station
St. George's University
True Blue, Grenada
We are turning up the heat for the 3rd FCAL conference!


Ignite your passion for conservation issues at the scorching 3rd annual FCAL conference—aptly themed FCAL on Fire! In a world ablaze with challenges and opportunities, FCAL too is catching fire, introducing innovative and interactive sessions that promise to engage and enlighten.


Get ready for our groundbreaking Fireside Chat, where the ECO Student Organization will turn up the heat on select Marine, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (MWC) faculty. Armed with incisive questions about research, outreach efforts, and pressing issues in the field, students will put these experts in the hot seat, fueling conversations that promise to blaze new trails.


But that's not all—immerse yourself in our Campfire Sessions, where you can gather around a "campfire" to candidly discuss the urgent conservation issues affecting Grenada. Don't miss this blazing opportunity to fan the flames of knowledge, leadership, and collaborative action!


Get to know the Marine, Wildlife and Conservation Biology team at St. George's University here.
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